A real hero

Well it is another sad day, the video store I used to work, Applause Videos, for has closed. It seems like that is the way they are all going. Videomatica on West 4th is closing soon, Applause closed, Happy Bats closed, that one on Denman closed. There's only Black Dog on Commercial (and Cambie), and who knows how long they will last? For these businesses, it is impossible to compete with the internet, especially services like Netflix. So sad days ahead for video store owners and lovers! ;(

So much for everyone

Last week we made some meatballs from scratch! They were delicious. Extra lean ground beef + parsley + 2 eggs + salt & pepper + various spices + breadcrumbs (piece of twice-toasted toast, pulverized) + onion. Mushed it all together, then rolled them into balls, put a thumbprint into it and stuffed it with feta cheese! Then we fried 'em up, put the pasta on, got out the big pot and cooked up some tomato sauce, added some spinach, and tada! They were delicious! Next time I'd like to try goat cheese. It was fun and easy, give it a go!


Little secrets

I saw these two Flickers courting the day before yesterday! They were making these peculiar wicka-wicka-wicka squeeking sounds to each other and shaking their heads in turn!