Also some greasy mofo hit-n'-run'd my car! Savages!


it's crow o'clock, everyday at dusk all the crows in the city fly to this one spot near boundary road!

we went for a walk in the ubc endowment lands,
and of course took el chip
chippo is good at giving you the deaf ear, except when she's hungry

good luck getting this dingo into the bathtub

Ten days late

rich is an otter

they were stoked on this photo they snaked of a guy who brought his own 4 liter of cho mo onto the ferry!
brett with the ubiquitous forty

my beer had rabies and wouldn't stop foaming at the mouth!

mark verifies the distance

Jus de canneberges

the army has these sweet matte green trucks they drive around in now doing whatever it is they're doing

this guy totally had a winchester zipped into that bag, am i right?

By torpedo or crohn's

we were near the airport, like right at the end of the runway

this walkway is actually a giant poo pipe aimed out to sea!