Little by little

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland, Jan 2011.


I ate my lunch at the end of the runway the other day.

The basement

Most Asian homes that I shoot have slippers for me to wear while in their home, and they are almost always too small! But it is a nice practice.


Edinburgh to Amsterdam.

Slow down Jo

Last weekend we cooked up a meat melange to make a delicious jambalaya! What will this weekend bring?

Sandman, the brakeman and me

They're building a tree-fort in my hallway!

Trumpets in summer

It is always a sad day when another independent video store shutters its doors, but the upshot is that Dan gets sweet deals on DVDs. You may be familiar with my love of Buster Keaton the amazing silent era physical comedian and all around genius, as well as my fondness for the British political satire IN THE LOOP, featuring many familiar faces and Peter Capaldi whose scathing, seething, and incredibly creative insults are some of the best I've ever heard.

Outside love

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Foreground (instrumental)

Went for a walk in the Endowment lands with some peeps!
Dog walk photos usually end up being a pile of bum shots.

This is also most of what you see of Mr. Chips unless she wants a snack.

Lukas puts his Leica to use.