Yesterday was a pretty good day! I saw my dream car, a Mercedes McLaren SLR, on the way to work!
Then we went to see CITIZEN KANE last night, at a free outdoor screening in the Olympic Village. It was great!
And at 6:30 this morning the clouds were doing something pretty!

Double ketchup! How come it took so long?

Surface to air

I've had the pleasure of being on the ferries during gorgeous days a lot during this summer!
Also, Maria took some of these!

Let your love grow tall

Turns out we could see the fireworks out of the corner of my window, by leaning out the window!

As Rich said: "They all just look like big Science Worlds."

Lose yourself

These are from Ryan and Lindsay's wedding reception a few weeks ago!

The happy couple.
Got any stock tips, Mr. Gekko?
MC Wallace
This, to me, looks like a Charlie Brown dancing scene:
Hava nagila, Tim.

Kanye Wallace:
Tim and Rudi perform their rehearsed Kraftwerk dance:
The bartender sassed Rudi:

Congrats, you two!

You can tell it to everybody

A few things I have seen in the last couple weeks.
Starting with: Google street view mobile! Look for me on Denman!
This was on the lid of a garbage can in a kitchen in a penthouse in Richmond:
I really, really, really want to watch this Japanese 70s gangster movie:

Staging is weird:
I really wanted it to take off but I had to leave: