Spirit Fingers

First video I've put up here on the old 'Transfer.
From a recent shoot with Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit.
I've been really taken with the magic of stop motion animation lately, and I love how you can get so much movement and motion out of a series of still pictures. That's all film is, anyways! Enjoy!

Kelly watch the stars


We went to UBC to see the Discovery Channel's final taping for their documentary on the giant blue whale skeleton that was washed up on PEI in 1987. It was pretty amazing to see it and it's jawbones (which are the largest out of any animal in the world!) from every angle. Stunning sight to see the skull, vertebrae, rib cage, flippers, and tail, all re-articulated, reassembled, and suspended from the ceiling. Amazing creatures they are!

And I thank you

That's 250 posts! Yeehaw!

We are the sleepyheads

We eat like Kings and Queens!


I was number 34 at the coat check on Saturday night, they wrote it on with a sharpie. Thirty-four is my sister's Number 23, it's everywhere! I think this would make a cool tattoo!