Make some noise

I kind of burnt the bruschetta. It turned out o.k.

Modern man

My job has its interesting days. Last week I took a zodiac to shoot a property on this tiny island off West Van called Passage Island! You can see my shots of that house here.

I want you

Pretty impressed with the image quality from my BlackBerry!
E30 BMW M3. Best car to have emerged from the 1980s. Rare and highly regarded! So gorgeous. Look at those flared out fenders! Spotted in Yaletown today.

Oh no

Honestly, I was shooting this house the other day and these Bob the Builder-esque dolls were positioned so creepily on the staircase.

Bedouin dress

I think they need to raise the height restrictions.

Half remembered dream

We made a delicious brunch! Then a read in the sun until it got too chilly. Ahh sun.
Maria took these last three!