We built our own world

These look like chess pieces to me.

Car chase terror!

When Rudi was here the other weekend we hit up the Go-Kart track!

Baby's been away

We went to the Vancouver Auto Show a few days ago and here are some of the highlights!

 Classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL
 Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber's 2011 F1 Car

 Ferrari FF

 Lamborghini Aventador
 Maria finally got to sit in a Corvette!  This was the ZR-1.
 Maria in the new Z4
Mercedes Benz SLS roadster.


 We went to Tofino in February for a few days and it was absolutely gorgeous!  I mean it is always gorgeous out there but the weather was incredible!  This was our Saturday and it was a glorious sunny day!