I heard a rumour there was a Maserati MC-12 in town. Found it!

Psychic city

I randomly went to see YACHT at the Biltmore last night! It was great!

See a penny pick it up

Yesterday's work schedule ended up being full of holes so I was able to stop by the Cleveland Dam.

Simplest love

I love these shoes. So much I decided to retire the old pair and replace them with the identical ones. Those old ones took me far from the Northern reach of Scotland to the Sahara Desert and of course to every corner of the Lower Mainland and beyond! I think I'm always going to own a pair of these.

Romance to the grave

Maria baked her first loaf of banana bread last night! It was delish.

I hope you're happy now

This startled the hell out of me the other day when I came across it in the basement of a house I was shooting.