Soon, my friend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! I'm ashamed to say that I didn't take any pictures at all. Oops! Oh well. A few days off before back to work for 2012, and I have a full slate of audio-visual materials to consume! On the docket this week:
Some movies I got this Christmas (Not pictured: "The Social Network")
And some great books!
And my trip to the library today was fruitful as well!

Gotta have it

I know we cheated and opened prezzies a little early, but we're grown up and can do what we want!  Ha ha, Maria Bean got me an instant camera!  it is SO COOL!  She really spoiled me this year.  Thanks Bean!

Watch the Throne

So we randomly went to the Kanye West and Jay-Z concert on Saturday! Someone came into Maria's work and gave her some tickets so we went!  It was incredible!  Two of the world's top performers at the top of their game.  Amazing music, lights, effects, and performances!  And my god the lasers!  So here's a mega post of the best pictures I took!  Concerts can hard to photograph and I just had my little Canon S95 which isn't the best in the dark, so the shots are a little grainy and out of focus but you still get the atmosphere of the whole thing.  Enjoy! 

Don't cry

Maria recently got a really cute kitten, Zeus!

A shot in the arm

Maria Bean made me chicken cordon bleu when I was sick a little while ago!  It was delicious!

À L'orée Des Bois

Look at the size of this thing!  I could see it from 10 blocks away!


Interesting cloud formations over Safeway today.  Mammatus clouds the internet tells me!  Somebody is going to get a pile of rain on their head!