foxes mate for life

we're taking care of mr chips, a friend's little dingo for a week or so.
no legs, like a seal!

it's been foggy as hell for the last week solid

someone's getting booked!

no left turn between 3pm-6pm! we thought we were being smart and responsible citizens, but now i realize we are missing a key piece of evidence, the time!

the view from my room!
except when it looks like this

pea soup!

okay a few mornings ago i was feeling the need to be proactive and it was really foggy out, so i got up early and drove downtown to take some pictures. unfortunately i totally forgot that my camera was on manual focus... so they're a little fuzzy... oh well. there's a couple i want to retake, so doubles may appear on here. anyways!

i found the source of all the fog!
we have gas!

we make a trip to the dirt mall!
everything you could ever wantand lots you don't

barnacle goose

im still catching up with the photos, so these are from a few weeks ago, when there was still a tonne of snow

who says we aren't helpful?

we like our q-tips air cooled
jeff stopped by a few days later amid a crowd of paparazzi

enter the gold domain

celebrating in the new crib!

hunky dory watches over keyho when he sleeps